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By DermaSpaMED
April 29, 2011
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Key components of a self care plan:

  • Wash up: Twice a day is usually enough. If you exercise (and you should) washing up afterwards is a good idea. A mild soap or skin cleanser is the best choice. We recommend CereVe.
  • Don't pick: Touching zits is not a good idea. It won't make them go away and breaking the skin by popping, picking, or scraching will make things worse and may cause scarring.
  • Think about hair products and make up: Greasy hair gels and lotions and oil-based makeup may make things worse.  
  • Take a close look: It's important to know whether you have mild acne ( a few scattered white heads) or a more severe case (with many red bumps and pus bumps). Mild cases can be treated with over the counter medicaitons first, but a dermatologist should evaluate more severe acne. 

What can your dermatologist do to help? Plenty!

  • Evaluation: Dr. Labrecque will assess the severity of the acne, looking for signs of inflammation and scarring. He will determine if you current treament appraoch is working well enough. Studies have shown that many people with acne underestimate the severity of their condition and most do not discuss their acne with a physician. That is a mistake you can avoid! Book your appointment today.
  • Treatment: Dr. Labrecque has effective skin care products and medications which can be used to treat a broad range of acne cases that simply wont improve. These option include products the promote dissolving of whiteheads and blackheads, decrease inflammation and kill the acne bacteria. These treatments can be applied to the skin directly or taken orally.